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Robot Mowers Australia is found on the rise of robotic home assistants that can save people time and money over the long term. We supply Robotics which can be of use to humans like our specialty Robot Lawn Mowers. 

We will continue adding products that we see fit to our purpose. Please contact is if you have any questions.

We provide Robot Lawn Mowers from entry level to the maximum lawn size you can think of. We have machines that can do up to 30,000 square meter of lawn with a single machine, imagine what we can do with multiple machines. Our team the most experienced robot lawn mowers installers in Sydney, we have a solution for every problem in this domain.

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Ambrogio Robot Mowers Supplier

Robot Lawn Mowers Australia is one of the supplier and installer for Ambrogio robot mowers in Sydney, Wollongong, & blue mountains. We can even go further if required. Ambrogio is a leading robot lawnmower brand, designed and made in Italy. 

Starting from the L60 Deluxe, the robot lawn mower that works without boundary/perimeter cable, to the L400 Elite Robot lawn mower that is able to mow up to 30 000 square meters and can work for eleven hours on a single charge. The possibilities are endless. Whether you have 100 square meters lawn or 5 acres lawn, we have a solution for you.

Why Choose Us?

We supply & install all Ambrogio robot mowers in Sydney, Wollongong and blue mountains.

We can even go further if required. Ambrogio is a leading robot lawn mower brand, design and made in Italy. High quality made to last Robot lawn mowers.

We also supply and install the generic brand lawn mowers. These are Chinese made lawn mowers re-branded to many different companies. These mowers will do the job, they work in many types of lawns. The warranty is only 1 year and the build is not the same as the European made mowers.

Please Contact Us on 02 9168 5987 or email Us if you have any questions or wish to request a demo.