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Can a Robot Lawn Mower Drive Itself Out to the Footpath Patch?

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Author: Hussein Jaafar

Robot lawn mowers are becoming more and more popular, especially in areas where house sizes are quite big. Lawns that are 1000 square meters or even 500 square meters can take hours to maintain. Also some time short professionals, prefer to spend time doing more valuable activities than mowing the lawn.

A robot Lawn mower can go anywhere the perimeter cable goes, there are few questions to ask yourself:

  • Will your property boundary with the house next door allow you to run the cable through (enough width)?
  • Do you have a side gate?
  • Is the ground concrete or grass?
  • Is the grass patch across the footpath?

I will go through the scenarios or different answers.

Most properties in New South Wales have a 900mm boundary which allows for a normal size robot mower to go to the front. however some years ago some councils were allowing less boundary space between properties. If the ground is grass (which is not very likely) the mower can run there without any issues. In this case if the ground is concrete users will have to cut through the concrete to run the cable. Or run the cable on top of the concrete and use some sort of cover.

User will also have to modify the side gate (if it exists) to allow the mower to move out of the gate.

Considering the above can be accomplished, the user will then have to cut through the concrete of the driveway and footpath (which i assume may need a council permit) or run the cables through the joints between the blocks of concrete, this also means you with have to run the 2 cables through the same joint (which stops the mower from moving), or run each cable in a joint on its own, which is the correct setup.

If the grass patch is near the front fence and not across the footpath, installation will be easier. You will also have to consider the kerb, how far can the mower move towards the kerb without falling off. Different mowers, are different in size and have different configuration on where the cable is located when the mower is on the move.

Robot Lawn mowers are meant to be installed / operated within a fenced area (at least at this stage). You may also want to consider a possibility that someone may grab the mower and run away with it. Even though most Robot Lawn mowers have alarm sensors that screams when some one picks it up. As well as working with the specific chargers (station). However, some one who doesn’t know this info may just grab it and run.

If you are considering allowing the robot lawn mower to work on the outside, and the situation permits. You may want to consider installing a GPS tracking device which comes standard on most high end mowers. It also can be added to low end mowers at an extra cost.

As an alternative you may consider the Ambrogio L60 Robot lawn mower that requires no boundary cable, it uses sensors to sense the grass and uses other type or sensors to sense the kerb.

Another option is move the robot mower manually to the grass patch, and remote control it. The issue with this, is you will not get every bit of grass and you risk the mower falling of the kerb (happened to me few times when I tried :)).

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