Is a robot lawn mower worth the investment?

Before buying any product that costs thousands of dollars, the first question you ask yourself is “is it worth it?”. Same applies to robot lawn mowers, it is a big investment, thousands of dollars and the argument is valid.

Is it worth it? The answer is on case by case bases, there is no one answer for all. however here are some questions you may ask yourself to determine if spending thousands of dollars on robot lawn mower is worth the investment.

  • How much is it costing me to mow the lawn / month?
  • How long am I investing in lawn maintenance?
  • Who is mowing the lawn (DIY or am I paying some one)?
  • Can I use my time more productively (family or work)
  • Are you using a push mower or ride-on mower?
  • How big is the lawn?
  • Can I install the robot lawn mower or do I have to pay an installer?

The answers for these questions will get you closer to making a decision. for example if you would rather spend the time you spend every month mowing the lawn with your family or kids, it is worth every cent (for me at least and I am sure for many others).

If you will install the mower yourself then the cost will be less than if you want to get a professional installer to do the work.

If you have a fifty square meter lawn, opposed to a thousand square meter loan, a robot mower maybe of help. A fifty square meter lawn will take around 30 mins to mow, a thousands square meter lawn will take around four hours with edges, the more edges and corners you have the longer it will take.

If you are using a ride on mower opposed to a push mower, you are slightly closer to the right answer. A ride on mower costs more in maintenance and repairs than a push mower.

If you are searching for a robot mower for a commercial site (council park, school, farm or golf course), a robot lawn mower is a perfect candidate as the cost of running the ride on mower with an operator blows the cost big time. As well as the initial investment of paying for the ride on mower.

Keep in mind, the robot mower will not do the complete job, it will not mow the edges and still have to be done manually or a permanent solution can be found here. If you also mow the kerb side lawn, this will also very likely have to be done manually.

I hope this article help you make a decision if a Robot Lawn mower is worth the investment.

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