Robot Mowers. Money saving machines for organisations with large lawns

We have recently worked with an organisation, with large premises and large lawn to replace their ride-on mower with Robot Lawn Mowers. And the result was amazing, in a nut shell, the organisation saved around 20K / year. Below is a case study of what the organisation saved and how.

ABC Pty Ltd lets call it.. Was chasing quotes for Ride-On mowers when we contacted them to offer our Robot Lawn mower. After a lengthy phone conversation we succeeded in locking in a demo for the manager and maintenance lady. We gathered some info including the topography of the lawn from Google maps to have something when we arrive on site.

The organisation turned out to have multiple areas and around 13000 square meters of lawn. This is considerably a big area. On demo day we showed the people involved how the mower worked and explained the benefits of having such a machine. What I want to concentrate on in this article here is the savings the organisation achieved by being an early adopter to such technology. There are many other benefits for using Robot Mowers.

Below is the cost including initial purchase, running cost and maintenance for traditional ride-on Lawn mower

1- Ride on mower $11000 (this number can go up to $100K+)

2- Mower operator $50 / hr (total 8 hrs @ $400 / week)

3- Mower maintenance + Petrol $1500 / quarter

4- Mower repairs $500 / quarter

5- Clippings cleaning / vacuuming $100 / week

Total yearly cost to run the ride-on mower is $37666 / year

Our solution, Robot Lawn mowers

A 13000 m2 pitch requires 3 robot mowers of the L250i Deluxe Super + with 2 years warranty. This mower has a capacity of 5000m2 and 7 hours of mowing time / charge. Even though 3 Robot mowers will cover 15000 m2, the topography of the lawn plays a big role in this department. Cost is as follows:

1- Robot mowers cost including installation is $21000 (depreciated over 3 years)
2- Maintenance contract (optional) $262 / month
3- Battery replacement (year 3) + spare parts $10000

Three of the L250i D S P cost $21000 installed, running with no human intervention.
From day one the organisation was able to save.

Over 3 years:
Year 1 -> $13522.
Year 2 -> $34522
year 3 -> $24522

We have supplied the organisation with maintenance contract which covers the maintenance of the mower, where all labor fees are covered as long as the contract is running. We have also allowed for $10000 spare parts, batteries and repairs in year 3 where the mower is out of warranty.

This is a huge savings of $72566 over 3 years term, what can your organisation do with this money?

We offer finance and lease terms*, contact us on 02 9168 5987 to calculate how much you can save.

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