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10 Things to Look for When Buying a Robot Lawn Mower

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Author: Hussein Jaafar

Young caucasian male is setting a robotic mower while kneeling in a nice green garden with blue skies

Robot lawn mowers will invade Australia over the next few years. And if you decide to buy one here are some functionalities you need to look for.

1- First and for most is the budget to spend on a robot lawn mower, this will determine big time what you are looking for.

2- Slope: Consider if your back yard has large slope or not, most machines deal good with slopes, but not to a large degree.

3- Size: Size matters when it comes to robotic lawn mowers, each robot will have a capacity for example 200m2 or 500m2, you want to make sure your lawn size is within the capacity of the mower.

4- Battery capacity: This is how long your robot lawn mower will go to work for. Depends on the battery capacity, the number can be 1 or 10 hours.

5- Charging time: This is also very important, if your mower charges for 6 hours to work one hour worth or mowing, you are not getting much out of it.

6- GPS Theft Tracking: If you mower will work on footpath patch of grass, you will want it to have this feature, or as an alternative you send it there once every few days and keep an eye on it.

7- Tilt and lift sensors: Most Robot lawn mower have this functionality. This guarantees the blades stop spinning when the mower is tilted or lifted.

8- Sound a noise: This is a big one, if the mower is too noisy the neighbors may knock on your door few times, most mowers I have seen have a reasonable level of noise.

9- Extra Blades: Some manufactures use blades that needs to be replaced more often, make sure you get few extra blades with the mower, usually free.

10- Push stop button: This is a big one when it comes to safety, some mower wonder around the boundary or footpath if not installed correctly, you want to be able to stop it if t drives on anything or wonders around.

Automatic Charging: This is also a big one, you want your robot to go back home to charge when it is about to run out of battery, without you carrying it to the charger.

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