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How Does Auto Lawn Mower Work?

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Author: Hussein Jaafar

Ambrogio Lawn Mowers Sydney NSW

Are you Tired of always doing a lawn mowing in your garden? Maybe its time to consider an auto lawn mower.  Manually mowing your lawn takes too much time and effort. Most manual mowers do not like twigs and stones. You will go against it and it will end up jammed between the mowing cylinder and the blades.

Auto Lawn Mower Sydney NSW

If mowing your lawn is not part of your weekly routine, you may leave your lawn to grow too long and it will be a hassle to cut it after a long time and your grass will not be healthy. These are some of the reasons why people shift to Auto Lawn Mower or Robotic Lawn Mower. With Auto Lawnmower, there will be no manual cuttings for you or no need to hire a lawnmower guy, no need for you to worry about the noise for your neighbor especially if you are going to do it at night, and it saves so much of your time since you do not need to be there or to be present just to cut your grass. Amazing right? But with all these advantages of using the Auto Lawn Mower, how does it work? How does this machine do its work so easily and hassle-free?

How does it work?

You might have seen in your neighborhood a cute machine roaming around on the lawn and cutting the grass and creating a beautiful landscape. This Auto Lawn Mower is comparable to a robotic vacuum cleaner in your house but instead of dust, the lawnmower cut the grass for you.

  • Power – It is a battery-operated machine that hustles around on your lawn, quietly moving and cutting a specific length. Since it is a battery-operated machine, you are required to charge it. Some mowers have a charging station that allows the device to go back automatically to the charging station guided by wires and there are mowers that you need to manually get and plug into the outlet to charge.
  • Movement – These mowers are usually guided by wires that will set their boundaries. These wires are required to be installed either by you or by a professional if you do not know how to do it or have no time to do it. Some lawnmowers have sensors that detect the presence of grass, holes, and empty spaces that do not need boundary wires.
  • Frequency of Cutting – This device can continuously cut when the grass needs cutting but you can also schedule based on your preferences. This is convenient especially if you will not be home for quite some time. This device will do the work for you while you are away.
  • Control Device – This device can be controlled either through Bluetooth or application software on your smartphone.
  • Maintenance - Though Auto Lawn Mowers need very little maintenance, it is important to know how to take care of them so you will not waste the money you spend on buying them. There is some basic maintenance but if there’s a replacement or more severe cases on your robotic lawn mower, make sure to bring it to the service center especially if it’s still under warranty.

Take note that every auto lawnmower has a specific range of lawn size. Choose one that is suitable and can handle the size of your lawn. You do not want to have a lawnmower that is too big or small of your lawn.

Why Buy an Auto Lawn Mower


Is it worth it? This is the common question we hear from people who are interested in Auto Lawnmower. Honestly, it is on a case-to-case basis. There is no one answer for all. Here are some reasons that you can consider and advantages that you can get if you have one.

Ambrogio Lawn Mowers Sydney NSW

  • Better Results – It produces a healthier, stronger, thicker, and better-looking lawn than manual work because of its continuous work (which is every day).
  • Nimble around the Lawn – Even though this machine is smaller in size compared to push mowers, they are more capable and can reach grass into little corners and difficult spots around your lawn due to its smart navigation feature.
  • Safer – Most lawnmowers have standard safety features like PIN and Alarm system, lift and tilt and bump sensors. With this feature, there is an assurance that the machine is not toyed with or stolen while in operation or while charging.
  • Cheaper in Long Term Basis – Although you will pay high at first, you will save money in the long run. No need to spend a fortune to hire to mow your lawn or frequently buy fuel.
  • No more grass clippings – Since auto lawnmower produces small clipping of grass that drops to the soil, this will help and provide moisture, nutrients and act as a natural fertilizer which is very environmentally friendly. No need to spend money on chemical fertilizers.
  • Convenient - Instead of doing a lawn care chore, you can have your time spend on other things but maintaining a beautiful lawn that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

The Leading Auto Lawn Mowers Supplier in Australia

There are many types of Auto Lawn Mower in the market especially for personal use; which is for small gardens or yards. Purchase only from an official distributor in your area. Contact Robot Mowers Australia to have your first auto lawnmower.

We provide from entry-level to the maximum lawn size you can think of. We have machines that can do up to thirty thousand (30,000) square meters of lawn with a single machine, imagine what we can do with multiple machines. We also supply and install generic brand lawnmowers that are made in China and being distributed for rebranding. Please check for more information about the generic brand. We also provide a free demo if you want to learn more about it personally. Contact us at 02 9168 5987 or visit our office Suite 5 – C7, 13-15 Forrester St, Kingsgrove NSW 2208 Australia. We are glad to assist you with your auto lawn mower needs.

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