Robot Lawn Mowers No Obligation FREE Trial

*This offer is exclusive to Government Departments, Schools and Local Government (councils), Sports clubs. And for a limited time only. Looking to save time and money on maintaining your lawn? Look no further with Robot Mowers Australia “No Obligation Free Trial” on a Robot Lawn Mower. How does it work? We will install a Robot […]

Which Robot Lawn Mower is best for my lawn?

Question we are often asked by our customers. Which Robot Lawn Mower is best for my lawn? The answer is: there is no one size fits all, each lawn is different. At Robot mowers Australia we provide a free on site inspection and quote for our customers. we inspect many aspects of your lawn, such […]

Robot Mowers: Money Saving Machines for Organisations with Large Lawns

We have recently worked with an organisation, with large premises and large lawn to replace their ride-on mower with Robot Lawn Mowers. And the result was amazing, in a nut shell, the organisation saved around 20K / year. Below is a case study of what the organisation saved and how. ABC Pty Ltd lets call […]

Introduction To Robotic Lawn Mowers


What are Robotic Lawn Mowers Robotic Mower is a machine that works exactly the same way as a push mowers, but without pushing. Powered by batteries, it is smart enough to follow a program and specific set of instructions. Once the perimeter cable is installed the mower works within the perimeter cable as programmed by […]

Will a Robot Lawn Mower Mow the Edges?


The answer is simple, No. A robotic lawn mower is designed in a way (just like a normal lawn mower) where the blades sit in the middle section and the body of the mower wraps around them. This is a safety feature on all lawn mowers. Robot lawn mowers are no different. The lines in […]

Robot Lawn Mower Functionality

Focus on a young woman who lays on the lawn and enjoys a good book as an automatic lawn mower mows the lawn. More free time in the garden concept.

Below is a list of functionalities that users can find in different lawn mowers, possible to have one lawn mower that has all but it will be top of the range / price mower. App control PIN code Lift Sensor / Alarm Tilt Sensor Bump Sensor Ultrasonic sensor Timer GPS Navigation Assist GPS Tracking Multiple […]

Robot Lawn Mower Price. Sydney, Australia

Lawn mower cutting green grass. Work alone in the garden - robot

So how much a Robot lawn mower costs? After doing your research and making a decision to buy a robot lawn mower, it then comes to the price. As for anything else in life, you get what you pay for. And I personally believe in spending the extra dollars to get a better product. But […]

What are Robot Lawn Mowers?

What are Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot Lawn mowers are little machines that work in none-systematic motion to mow your lawn. Works inside a boundary wire that should be installed around your lawn, the mower will stay between the wire going in different directions until the complete lawn is leveled. Works on battery power, Robot lawn mowers use very little electricity […]

Robot Lawn Mowers – Our Story

Ambrogio L60 Basic (7)

Our story started not long ago, and here is how the story goes … In early 2014 I bought me a house with big back yard, I would spend a minimum of 4 hours every month mowing the lawn and edges. A year or so in (around 2015) I started valuing my time more, especially […]