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8 Things you need to consider before choosing your Robotic Lawn Mower

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Author: Hussein Jaafar

Robotic Lawn Mower Australia

Do you consider having a robotic lawn mower? Manual work is a hassle especially if you have such a busy schedule. Machines like robots are being widely used in many places to help humans perform different functions.

A robot lawn mower is an example of a machine that can perform a function like cutting your lawn grass in your garden or yard. The initial cost of a lawnmower is expensive, so before deciding anything, here are the following information you may consider before choosing your robotic lawn mower.

  1. Size – First things first, choose the one that is suitable and can handle the size of your lawn. You don’t want to have a robot lawnmower that is too big or too small for your lawn.
  2. Installation – Some lawn mowers require to have a perimeter or boundary wire upon installation. This boundary wire will set the pattern and boundaries for your mower for cuttings and charging.
  3. Power – Consider having a rechargeable battery (e.g. lithium-ion battery). A battery-operated lawnmower helps reduce emissions. Since it is cordless, it improves safety, versatility, less vibration, and lower noise levels.
  4. Motor Type – the brushless motor is more efficient compared to a brushed motor since it doesn’t create more friction and produces more strong power for better cutting of your lawn.
  5. Working Time – since this is a battery-powered lawnmower, it’s good to consider the capacity of the battery to know how long it can work to cut your grass. Two to three hours working time is good if your garden is 400 square meters and below.
  6. Eco Mode Sensor – It is better if it has an eco-mode sensor to avoid the grass from being bald. This eco-mode sensor recognizes mowed areas and reduces working times to the total benefit of the lawn and less wear of the robot.
  7. Control Device – It can be controlled either through Bluetooth and application in smartphones or tablets. Since this is a wireless lawn mower, it is very convenient to have controls easier instead of having controls only at the machine.
  8. Maintenance – Though Robotic Lawn Mowers need very little maintenance, it is important to know how to take care of them so you will not waste the money you spend on buying them. There is some basic maintenance but if there’s a replacement or more severe cases on your robotic lawn mower, make sure to bring it to the service center especially if it’s still under warranty.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotic Lawn Mower

Of course, there is no perfect machine that can fit every customer’s preference. So here are the pros and cons of having your Robotic Lawn Mower.


  • No more manual cuttings for you – this machine takes care of the cutting so need for you to do it or hire a lawnmower guy. You can do other work without worrying about your lawn.
  • Excellent technology – as mentioned above, it has features like an eco-mode sensor and control device for your convenience.
  • Convenient storage – it’s a small machine that does not require big storage
  • Noiseless Operation – no need to worry about your neighbor especially if you’re planning to use it at night.
  • Safety – if you have children or pets, you might be a little worried if this machine can cause harm. Thanks to its smart sensor, it feels objects that are not grass and avoids collisions. It is automatically stopping when lifted from the ground.


  • The price – the smart technology and parts of the lawnmower are costly for the manufacturer that is why they are selling this at a quite high price in the market.
  • Time-consuming setup – you will be required to set up the perimeter and boundary wire to use it but with the new technology, there are already lawnmowers that do not require it.
  • Inability to design your lawn – it cannot create styles like stripes on your lawn. The robotic version will only maintain the ideal height of your grass.

Robotic Lawn Mower Australia

If these disadvantages do not concern you then a Robotic Lawn Mower if you for you. It is a good product that may be helpful for you.

Cutting grass manually every week just to maintain the beauty of your garden or yard can be exhausting plus you need to think of fertilizing it and if you’re not able to take care of it, your lawn will have brown patches and will create dormant areas on your lawn and you don’t want that for your garden. That is why the sales growth of robotic lawnmowers is increasing

The Leading Robotic Lawn Mowers Supplier in Australia

There are many types of Auto Lawn Mower in the market especially for personal use; which is for small gardens or yards.

One of the leading robotic lawn mowers in the Australian market right now is the Ambrogio L60 Elite S+.

Aside from being lightweight and four-wheel drive, the major feature of this lawnmower is it is like plug-and-play (unbox and play). No need for you to set up pattern and boundary wires since it has a ZGS sensor that detects the presence of grass and allows the robot to recognize holes or empty spaces. It also has an Eco Mode sensor that recognizes the mowed areas and reduces working times and keeps avoid your garden from being bald.

To know more about this product, you may visit We have machines that can cater from entry-level to the maximum lawn size.

We also have a machine that can cater up to thirty thousand (30,000) square meters or three (3) hectares.

We have a team is skilled and experienced robot lawn mowers installers and setups to save yourself from long hours of work.

We also supply and install generic brand lawnmowers that are made in China and being distributed for rebranding. We also provide a free demo if you want to learn more about it personally. You may contact us at (02) 9168 5987 and our office address is at Suite 5 – C7, 13-15, Forrester St., Kingsgrove NSW, 2208, Australia.

Our Service Areas:

  • Adelaide SA
  • Brisbane Qld
  • Canberra ACT
  • Darwin NT
  • Hobart Tas
  • Melbourne Vic
  • Perth WA
  • Sydney NSW


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