Robot Lawn Mower boundary perimeter / Virtual wire installation

Buying a robot lawn mower is one thing and installing it is another. It is not a simple job to install the boundary wire unless you have a straight lines on the boundary of your area to mow. My first lawn mower took around 20 work hours to install, as I had few areas where I have veggie patches and the lawn is sort of wrapping around one side. The mower will require about 400mm on each side to be able to turn and the space were just not enough, so I ended up abandoning some of these areas.

In the image below, I circled the areas the robot was having trouble navigating due to the cables being at a very close proximity.

Areas Lawn mower was having problems navigating through

Laying the cable on top of the grass (but tried to get it as close to the ground as possible) was also not a good idea, as the mower will cut the cable every time the cable is a little high. Also keep in mind the mower front wheel some times drive on the cable causing it to lift at a position and will cause the mower to cut it. The robot mower will stop immediately when the boundary wire is cut and an alarm will sound from the mower and charge station.

My next solution was to bury the cable under ground, originally I used a Stanley knife to cut the grass and bury the cable, but this proofed to be a daunting task. So, I ended up buying a $99 electric edger from bunnings. I had to start again by cutting through the grass and running the cable .

Another tricky situation I faced where the mower does not align the cable in the middle when it drivers on top, it is more to one side than the other. For example if the mower is driving from right to left it is 200mm away from the edge, but when driving from left to right it is 300mm from the edge. Originally i fell for this, and ran the cable closer to the edge. but as the robot mower drove on top of the cable, it was bumping the walls / fence around the edges. So again I had to move the wire further.

When all this is done, make sure you let the mower run on the cable, and every time it bumps somewhere or unable to take a turn, mark it and and fix the cable, eventually at the end you will have a clear path.

Setting up areas / zones.

An area / zone is the point where the mower will leave the boundary wire and go inner lawn to start working. Your robot lawn mower will not work without this setup. When the installation is done and the robot mower has a clear path, set it on discover areas. The mower will un-dock from the charging station and will start a tour on top of the cable. When it reaches a specific area say in the middle of a side on your lawn, activate area x (area 2 for example). The Robot will keep driving on the cable, and when I reaches another place activate area 3, you will only need 1 area for a small yard, but if the yard is big and split in few patches, you will want an area for every patch. Make sure you hit Save on the app.

Robot lawn Mower area / zone setup

Once all the above is complete, open the app and schedule what time and days you would like your mower to do each area, and save. Enjoy time with family or a coffee when the mower is doing the hard work.

If you prefer to have your robotic lawn mower setup by professional installer, please contact is on 02 9168 5987 or fill form below and we will call you back to discuss.