Introduction To Robotic Lawn Mowers

What are Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic Mower is a machine that works exactly the same way as a push mowers, but without pushing. Powered by batteries, it is smart enough to follow a program and specific set of instructions.

Once the perimeter cable is installed the mower works within the perimeter cable as programmed by the user. It has a set of sensors to start, stop, increase or decrease blade speed.

Are Robotic Mowers safe.

Robot Lawn mowers are very safe, currently it is recommended they are operated within a fenced area, each robot mower (depends on brand), will have a set of sensors. Some are for safety reasons, and some for operational reasons.
Some of the sensors are:

  • Ride on sensor
  • Lift Sensor
  • Tilt Sensor
  • Rain Sensor
  • Bump Sensor

Robotic Mowers should be dealt with, with care just like any lawn mower. It will still cause damage if you stick your hand under it, just like a push on mower.

Long grass and Robot Mowers

Robot mower will mow long grass, it really depends on the thickness and length of grass. But most mowers will do it a way or another. However, Robot mowers are not made to mow long grass. Instead, it is made to maintain the lawn. This means, the mower should be setup to run every day / second day. In this scenario the mower will be clipping 1/2mm to 1mm of grass every time.

What happens to the clippings

Since the mower will be running every day / second day, the clipping are super short (1/2mm to 1mm depending on lawn condition). Thus will stay on the group and will turn into fertilizer in few days. Giving the lawn some extra food and strength.

Can a Lawn mower run without Perimeter wire / boundary cable

Most Robot Lanw Mowers can be remote controlled in the absence of perimeter wire, however, this is a daunting task.
ONLY one lawn mower has grass sensors and sensors to avoid falling of kerbs. See below. More mowers based on similar theory are being developed.

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