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Robot Lawn Mower Price. Sydney, Australia

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Author: Hussein Jaafar

Lawn mower cutting green grass. Work alone in the garden - robot

So how much a Robot lawn mower costs?

After doing your research and making a decision to buy a robot lawn mower, it then comes to the price. As for anything else in life, you get what you pay for. And I personally believe in spending the extra dollars to get a better product. But as I always say, every one is different. below I will details what may help consumers in the market for a robot lawn mower make an informed decision.

The Bottom of the range.
Starting with the Generic brands, mostly Chinese brands rebranded for different companies. You will find the same lawn mower at many different websites / retailers, looks exactly the same and usually the model will be the same. So one website will call it ABC E1600 the other will call it XYZ E1600 and will have a different logo / sticker. These cheapest robotic lawn mower are the entry point and start for around $750, capable of maintaining a good size Lawn according to the manufacturer’s documentation. Browse our range of Generic Robot Lawn Mowers

Next up comes the larger size Generic / Chinese Lawn Mowers, which have more power and can do larger lawns up to about 3600m2 for around $2000. I am trialing one myself, I will add more info in few months. The Generic mowers come with everything you need for setup, no extra cost. Browse the range here.

Generic Robot lawn mower at work, not a bad job at all

Next comes the European Brands such as Ambrogio, husqvarna and few other brands (currently only these 2 available in Australia). The price range for the above two brands starts at about $2000. Customer may also be required to purchase the installation kit, which can cost anywhere between $100 and $500. This kit usually includes the cables, pegs and few other goodies.

Ambrogio also have larger, more capable Robotic lawn mowers that can do up to around 30000m2 (Yes that’s thirty thousand square meters) at around $25000 ex tax, and everything in between. You can check the Ambrogio range here, As for husqvarna the top of the range robotic lawn mower is capable of doing around 5000m2 at a price of $5000 + installation kit.

As you move up in price the feature list starts growing, for example you will get GPS assisted navigation, GPS tracking, operates on higher slope and the list goes on.

If you need help selecting a Robotic lawn mower please contact us on 02 9168 5987 or fill the form below for a call back, we offer sales, service, spare parts and installations for small yard or big parks. I hope this article adds value to your research and help you make the correct decision.

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