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Robot Lawn Mowers – Our Story

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Author: Hussein Jaafar

Ambrogio L60 Basic (7)

Our story started not long ago, and here is how the story goes …

In early 2014 I bought me a house with big back yard, I would spend a minimum of 4 hours every month mowing the lawn and edges. A year or so in (around 2015) I started valuing my time more, especially on the weekends where it is usually family time. So I contracted some one to look after my lawn, I was being charged $120 / month to keep my lawn neat. And some times this is not the case as the lawn will grow long in summer so by the time it was mowing time, the lawn will be quite long.

Anyway, I recently moved into another house and contacted my gardening friend, given I still value my weekend time with the family. And I was charged $200 since he had to go over the lawn twice due to the length. I was also informed that I will have to mow the lawn every 2-3 weeks in spring / summer and maybe winter if the sun is still shinning.

At this point I though ENOUGH. I had to look for a solution, and here it came, a robot lawn mower. As I started digging deeper into my research, I started loving the idea more and more, and found there is a great potential for robot lawn mowers in the Aussie market, due to many different factors.

I purchased a Robot lawn mower and thought will give this a try and see if it works. When installed (after around 20 hours of work) the lawn mower does a great job, not complete of course due to it not being able to reach the edges. Some manual work is still required OR a way to get around the edges. I decided to remove the grass on edges and replace it with pavers, this is yet to be done though. However, I am sure it will sort out the edges problem and my Robot Lawn Mower will be able to do a complete job. As for the quality of work, it did a really good job on the inner lawn so far, but I would like to see how it progresses in few months as the mower ages.

After installing and trialing the lawn mower I decided to start a selling and installing robotic lawn mowers as this can save people combined hundreds of thousands of hours where people can be spend it with their loved ones or doing more important stuff.

Stay Tuned for more news on the products we will be adding from time to time.

If you have any question, please drop me a line here or call 02 9168 5987 or fill the form below and I will call you back.

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