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What are Robot Lawn Mowers?

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Author: Hussein Jaafar

What are Robot Lawn Mowers

Robot Lawn mowers are little machines that work in none-systematic motion to mow your lawn. Works inside a boundary wire that should be installed around your lawn, the mower will stay between the wire going in different directions until the complete lawn is leveled.

Works on battery power, Robot lawn mowers use very little electricity to charge and run for few hours, compared to traditional mowers, the cost to run is cheaper.

Robot lawn mowers range between $750 and around $26000, of course the higher end are for very large lawns up to around 30000 m2. There are mowers for every size lawns. The bottom of the range mowers are Chinese made and re-branded in most cases, the European made mowers price starts from around $2000.

 Worth the money? Depends how you look at it, if you are a DIY guy with lots of time or don’t mind spending few hours a month mowing the lawn, then it is not worth the cost.

For me it was worth every cent, years ago I use to do t myself, then I started paying some one $100 every 3-4 weeks to look after my lawn so I get to spend an extra 3 hours every few weeks with my family, watching a movie or going out. These 3 hours are usually weekend time, so they are priceless for me. But again, every one is different. What is right for me can be wrong for others and vise versa.

Then Robot mower showed up, the initial investment was around $1500 for a chinses brand lawnba. But again, I will save this amount in around 1 year.

Warranty on robot lawn mowers usually starts with 1 year for the low end brands and up to 5 years for the higher end, so generally speaking the investment is protected over a reasonable period of time.

Does it do a clean complete job? yes and no. It does a great job on the inner part or your lawn, but leaves around 20cm on the sides as it is unable to reach the edges. These still have to be done manually. In my case, I plan to to remove the grass and add outdoor tiles / pavers to replace this part of the lawn so the Robot lawn mower can do the complete job.

Installation is not very straight forward as the manufacturer / supplier make it seem. There are precise measurements to follow and the more corners you have in your lawn the more complicated the installation is. First time I installed took me around 20 hours to do over few days, and had to re-lay the wire 3 times. I also had to ignore few small areas and keep it a square lawn.

If you have any questions on Robot Lawn mowers, please drop me a line or call on 02 9168 5987 and will be happy to help.

Contact us at Robo Gadgets to get a quote on a Robot lawn more + installation today. We supply the complete range, low and high end lawn mowers.

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