Will a robot Lawn mower mow the edges?

The answer is simple, No.

A robotic lawn mower is designed in a way (just like a normal lawn mower) where the blades sit in the middle section and the body of the mower wraps around them. This is a safety feature on all lawn mowers. Robot lawn mowers are no different.

The lines in the image above is what the mower will miss, keep reading for solutions.

So the Robot mower will miss the areas where the line is, you will be left with around 200-300mm of un-mowed grass. There can be many solutions which I will list below.

Before applying these solutions, let the mower run for a week or two, so you can tell the width of grass left un-mowed.

  1. Spray weed / grass killer on the excess grass which will leave you with a dead patch around your lawn. This solution requires re-applying every few months.
  2. Manually mow the edges using a Line trimmer. This will have be done often to avoid the lawn looking uneven.
  3. This is my favorite solution. When you are aware of the width of the missed area. Take width and length measurements (width should be the same across the edges). Remove the grass from the roots (you can cut it with a knife) and replace it with pavers. Make sure pavers are leveled with the grass. You will have a nice edge around the lawn and the mower will take care of the rest. This solution has to be applied once only.

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