New to robot mowers? Let's get you up to speed.

Watch our robot mower buying guide video below for more information about robot mowers and which model is right for your property.

Robot Mowers Australia Service

Residential and Commercial Robotic Mower Solutions

Homeowners with medium to large lawns or acreage as well as Facility Managers for sports grounds or commercial properties.

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Reclaim Your Weekends

Life is too short to spend it mowing and wasting time or money, struggling with maintenance people.

With our robot mower solutions, you will have a beautiful house with a healthy, tidy lawn. Relax and enjoy your beautiful property while your lawns are done for you by an automated robot lawn mower.

  • We Come to You

    We will assess your property and offer tailored recommendations on the best mowers.

  • Full Installation

    Rest easy knowing our experts handle the installation, freeing you to focus on gardening.

  • Residential & Commercial

    We have a variety of robot lawn mowers, from small suburban yards to sports fields and golf courses.

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Mow the Segway

Eco-Friendly - Sustainable

Robotic lawn mowers are electric. Which means they're noise and pollution-free.

Saves Time and Effort

Set and forget - our automated, electric robot lawn mowers are able to mow silently any time of day or night.

Reliably Perfect Lawns

Mows in any weather and doesn't miss areas. Obstacle detection and avoidance help get the perfect finish and peace of mind.

Expertly Installed by our Experienced Staff

Tracks and docks properly and stays inside boundaries. Automated mowing schedules.

Mow smarter, not harder.

Lawn care doesn't need to be noisy, time-consuming and bad for the environment. You should be able to enjoy your lawns and keep them in top condition all year round without investing huge amounts of time and effort. Robot Mowers Australia is committed to helping you make easy lawn care your reality.

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You already work hard, why work harder?

Let’s get back your time and make your lawn the pride and joy of your property again. Book your free visit today.

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