Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find common questions you may have in find the best robotic lawn mower for you. Whether you are looking for a commercial robotic lawn mower or one for a small residential garden we are able to provide advice on what is best for you.

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Can a robot mower cause injury to my children or pets?

All robot mowers are tested and approved for sale in Australia and comply with all Australian Standards and guidelines. They all have various safety features such as blade guards, instant shut off when picked up/flipped over etc. Ambrogio offer an RFID solution that shuts off the blade when your pet comes too close to the mower.

All of the mowers are fitted with an easily accessible stop button should you need to stop its operation for any reason. They will stop and change direction if they come across any objects such as toys, balls, tools etc inadvertently left on the lawn.

Young children can be very inquisitive so if there is a chance they may come into contact with your robotic mower we recommend scheduling down time for the mower while children are at play.

Remember the mowers are very quiet and can run at night time while everyone is asleep so that may be a solution for you if your children are out in the yard during the day time.

I’m not tech savvy and not sure I could install a robotic mower?

We can help you with that and provide full training and support in the use of the relevant app to control your model of mower.

How are robot lawn mowers powered?

The mower is powered by parking itself on it’s charging station when it senses the battery level is getting low. A 240V GPO will be required near to the charging station location. We can organise a qualified Electrician to come and install this for you if needed. The boundary wire only transmits a low voltage electronic signal to the mower.
A robot mower will use approximately $70 in electricity per year, which is much cheaper than a petrol powered mower.

Will the robot lawn mower cut the boundary wire?

All of our installations are done by burying the wire between 40 and 100mm below the surface and all joints etc are buried so there is no chance of the mower ever contacting the boundary wire.
If you are self installing then we recommend mowing the perimeter fairly short to enable pegging of the wire down onto ground level. The grass will soon grow across and over the wire again.

What happens if someone tries to steal my robot lawn mower?

Most robot lawn mowers come with a range of security features such as pin lock, alarms, geo-fencing, GPS tracking and more. If your mower is going to operating out in publicly accessible areas we recommend choosing a mower with the full suite of security protections.
If one of these is stolen, you will be able to track its exact location and provide this to the Police for recovery.

How do I manage the settings on my robot mower?

Most models can be managed via the user app which also controls many of the settings including scheduled operating times, work logs, errors and more. Ambrogio models are fitted with colour touch screens for easy user input directly into the mower in addition to the app.

How often should I set my schedule for the mower to mow?

This depends on the model selected and the size of the area being mowed. Generally during the growing season the mower should be mowing daily. Remember you are maintaining the grass at your preferred height, not cutting it then letting it grow long like traditional mowing.