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Do Robot Mowers Work Well? Are They Worth It?

How Well Do Robots Mowers Work?

If you are wondering how well robot lawn mowers work, then we can assure you that they can do a very good job of mowing most lawns. How well they perform can come down to how well you set it up. The better the set up, the more accurate the robot lawn mower can function.

With most robot lawn mowers, they will mow up close to fixed landscape features such as steps, rock walls, flower beds or fence lines. You will still most likely have to tend to the edges, which could include a small amount of push mowing.

As robot mower technology continues improving they get better and better at providing a complete mow. We stock some of the worlds leading brands and when set up well, additional maintenance will be minimal. The time saved on mowing, and just having to trim edges occasionally will be worth it regardless.

How Well Do They Actually Cut?

If your questions referred to how well the blades actually cut the grass, they do that better than any push mower can.

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