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How Echo Robotic Mowers Can Save Money and Time for Sports Turf Managers

Maintaining sports turf to a high standard is a time-consuming and expensive task for every turf manager. Whether it's a golf course or a sports field, the maintenance of the grass plays a crucial role in the quality and safety of the playing surface. However, the introduction of Echo Robotic Mowers in the market has changed the way turf managers approach their maintenance routine. Robot Mowers Australia has taken the initiative of becoming the exclusive NSW dealer for Echo Robotics and aims to help in reducing the increasing cost burden on sports turf managers as well as helping to reduce their carbon footprint and boost their environmental credentials. In this blog post, we will uncover how Echo Robotic Mowers can help sports turf managers save time and money while improving the quality of the playing surface.


1) Reduced Labour Costs: One of the most considerable expenses for turf managers is the cost of labour. It requires a significant amount of labour to maintain and cut a vast stretch of turfed surface. With Echo Robotic Mowers, turf managers can eliminate the need for manual mowing labour and save thousands of dollars annually on labour costs. The mowers work autonomously, reducing the need for human intervention and providing a better-quality cut than manual mowers. In addition, instead of merely sitting a on mower, staff can be trained up to be technicians and maintain the mowers rather than sitting in the blazing sun or freezing cold on a mower. This assists with staff engagement leading to better retention as staff can work on higher skilled tasks and be less affected by the weather.

 Echo robot lawn mower works hard for you

2) Reduced Fuel Costs: Fuel is another major expenditure for turf maintenance. The use of traditional mowers requires a considerable amount of fuel, which adds up to the maintenance cost. However robotic mowers use rechargeable lithium batteries, making them more energy-efficient and cost-friendly as up to 8 times less energy is used. When considering the safety benefits of eliminating fuel usage including storage issues, leaks, possible fire, contamination of the soil, damage to surrounding surfaces and fumes, the benefits of commercial robotic mowers really start to stack up!


3) Better-Quality Cut: The quality of the cut on the turf is essential to ensure a smooth and uniform playing surface. Echo Robotic Mowers utilize GPS technology combined with the latest advancements in turf management algorithms to provide a superior cut of the turf. The robotic mowers can be set to work according to the turf's specific requirements with precision, and uniformity, ensuring a perfect playing surface all year round. Echo Robotic mowers feature 3 or 5 individually floating cutting heads which follow the contours of the surface, eliminating any scalping or uneven cutting. The result is a lush green carpet with no clippings left behind on the surface.


4) Easy Maintenance and Fast Repairs: Traditional mowers can be challenging to maintain and require regular servicing which is another added expense. Echo Robotic Mowers, on the other hand, are easy to maintain, and most repairs can be done quickly, reducing downtime on the management of the turf. The robotic mowers are designed with modular functionality, and parts can be easily replaced, saving the turf manager time, money and stress. App and web portal notifications and access will allow the turf manager to quickly and easily identify any issues that can then be quickly rectified.


5) Increased Efficiency: Echo Robotic Mowers can work autonomously at night or during periods when the turf isn't in use, increasing the efficiency of the turf maintenance process. The overall cost of the maintenance can be cut by up to 50%, allowing turf managers to focus on other aspects of facility management, staff training and improving the quality of the turf surface.


6) Reduced Emissions: Everyone is concerned about their carbon footprint, and switching to robotic mowers will reduce CO2 emissions down to zero on the field, as well as eliminating any noise for neighbours, passers by and those playing in the vicinity. As internal combustion engines start to be phased out by Government legislation around the world, robotic mowing is going to increasingly take over the traditional mowing roles we know of the past.


Sports turf managers and golf course superintendents can save a considerable amount of money and time with Echo Robotic Mowers. By working autonomously with superior quality cuts, the mowers provide a better-quality playing surface without the need for human labour. Robot Mowers Australia has taken the initiative to become the exclusive NSW dealer for Echo Robotics to help turf managers save money and time on maintenance costs. If you are a sports turf manager or a golf course superintendent looking to reduce maintenance expenses, contact Robot Mower Australia and get started with the best robotic mowers in the market.

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