What's In The Box? Unboxing the NEW Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD Robot Lawn Mower

What's In The Box? Unboxing the NEW Mammotion LUBA 2 AWD Robot Lawn Mower

A first look and what you need to know about what's included with the new, highly anticipated and advanced LUBA 2 AWD robot lawn mower by Mammotion Tech as we unbox the first model to arrive in Australia.

Watch the full unboxing video below.


The packaging is durable, snug, and protects the mower and components extremely well.

What's in the box

Your LUBA 2 AWD box includes all the essentials for you to quickly and easily set up your new robot lawn mower and start mowing. It's important that you read the quick start guide and instructions before attempting to assemble any components.

  • Quick Start Guide
  • LUBA 2 AWD Robot Mower
  • LUBA 3D Vision AI Camera
  • Power Supply
  • Extra One Set of Blades
  • Security Key x 2
  • Installation Kits
  • Charging Station
  • RTK Reference Station
  • RTK Extension Cable (10m)
  • RTK Power Supply
  • RTK Ground Mount

What's not included is a 4G SIM card. You will have to purchase this separately from your provider (Telstra, Vodafone, or even ALDI) and install the 4G SIM in the tray at the rear of the robot mower. We recommend purchasing a pre-paid SIM card as it's easier to manage and replace if need be.

You will also need to download or update the latest version of the Mammotion APP from the App Store or Google Play. You will need the app for both the set up phase and ongoing use of your Mammotion robot mower.

If you need additional support or lose your instruction manual, you can access a digital version of the LUBA 2 AWD User Manual here.

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