The Future of robotic mowing is no longer a dream, it's a reality with Kress RTKn!

The Future of robotic mowing is no longer a dream, it's a reality with Kress RTKn!

The new Kress RTKn robot mowers extend unmanned mowing to larger areas. They efficiently operate in parallel lines and autonomously move from an area to another, as if they were driven by humans. No need for boundary wires or on-site antennas.

Kress RTKn wireless mower

There are almost unlimited applications that will benefit from Kress RTKn mowers, including private residential properties with extensive lawns. The RTKn is perfect for all larger properties, sports fields, golf courses, public parks - you name them. Unmanned mowing is the ideal solution for countless applications, providing quiet, emission-free turf management, with an operating cost that is a fraction of traditional mowing with fuel guzzling, noisy mowers being operated by humans.

Beautiful lawns

Other robotic mowers that make use of RTK require the installation of at least one station antenna for each lawn, which needs to be powered and placed in open areas with an open sky. Kress RTKn delivers centimeter accuracy with no station antenna on site as this is hosted at the dealers premises, giving a network of coverage across our cities and regions

Mows like you without you

RTKn is different to others, as it gives positional accuracy to the power of network. To ensure centimeter-level accuracy, Kress’ expanding proprietary network of reference GNSS receivers continuously delivers RTK correction data to each mower via the mobile phone network.

Regenerative braking

The well known global navigation satellite system (GNSS) such as used in car navigation systems provides geo-spatial positioning with 2 to 5 meters accuracy. When real-time kinematic correction is applied we can achieve centimeter-level accuracy. And even if there’s poor satellite signal, due to signals being blocked by buildings and trees, inertial navigation and odometry take over to precisely route the mower until it reaches an open sky area and satellite navigation is restored.

RTKn navigation

More benefits of RTKn include:

  • Quick setup: Once a Kress dealer has mapped the areas and installed the charging station, you’re done − no on-site antennas installation needed.
  • Zero emissions: No polluting exhaust fumes, no emission of greenhouse gasses.
  • Quiet operation: Hotels can get their lawns manicured when customers are asleep, offices while people work and even educational institutions while people learn.
  • Efficiency: The mower works in parallel lines, mowing large lawns as quickly as an experienced landscaper.
  • Operational savings: No labour cost, negligible impact on your energy bill and minimal maintenance expense compared to combustion-engine mowers.

Visit our Kress page to learn more about this revolutionary technology and how it can be applied in your home or commercial premises today!






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