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When will the new Mammotion Yuka robot mower be coming to Australia?

If you've been following the recent announcements to come out of CES in Las Vegas this week, you may have come across the product announcement of the new Yuka Robot Mower with catching capabilities!

This is a totally new concept to Robotic Mowing - mow and catch the debris like leaves and clippings and let the mower automatically empty the catcher at a nominated point in your yard! 

In addition to this handy new feature, there are multiple other great inclusions like 3D Vision mapping for reliability in poor RTK signal areas, voice control with Alexa and Google Home 

When will the Yuka be released in Australia? That's a question we can't answer just yet. It is going to be funded by Kickstarter to get the mower underway. Once the Kickstarter campaign has ended and deliveries concluded we anticipate a timely release into the Australian market, possibly as early as the end of 2024.

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Mammotion Yuka Australia


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