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Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ - Try Before You Buy

Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ - Try Before You Buy

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Interested in buying an Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ robotic mower but not sure if it will work in your yard on your lawn? We offer a weekend rental where you can try it out. 

Should you decide to purchase one, we will take the rental price off the sale price - how good is that!? We give you peace of mind to ensure the mower will work for you.

*Rental mowers to be picked up and returned to Minto Heights, NSW 2566. We do not ship the rental mowers*

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Additional Information

Ambrogio L60 Elite S+ - Try Before You Buy


High performance in a compact size for Ambrogio L60 Elite S+, designed to manage small lawns (up to 400m²) without perimeter wire. The robot is technology friendly, with a ZGS sensor that recognises surfaces other than the grass and avoids them.

The 4-point star blade allows for absolute precision cutting. All this is possible thanks to the 4-wheel drive that facilitates the movement of light and manoeuvrable mower—optimised autonomy for three consecutive hours for complete and precise cutting.

Key Features:

  • No Installation, no perimeter wire
  • ZGS technology for intelligent cutting
  • Wrap-around front and rear bumper is able to absorb all shocks and impacts
  • 3 hours of autonomy for precision cutting over the entire grassy surface
  • 4-wheel drive
  • User-friendly control keypad


  • Robot weight - incl. batteries [kg]: 8.6
  • Robot dimensions (lxwxh): 360x440x200 mm
  • Noise level [dB(A)]: 65
  • Protection rating: IPx4


  • Ambrogio L60 Elite S+
  • Power Supply unit
  • User manual
  • Charging jacks
  • Spacer


The pick-up and return location is Minto Heights, NSW 2566.

Products are shipped within 4 days of ordering, and customers can expect arrival of the goods within 7 days of dispatch except at peak times such as Christmas. 

For further installation assistance or delivery and demonstration enquiries, please contact our team.


View and download the L60 Elite S+ owner manual here.


Got questions? We have answers. Visit our FAQs page for more information.