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Kress KAC843 Commercial 4-port Extended Charging Case

Kress KAC843 Commercial 4-port Extended Charging Case

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KAC843 Commercial 4-port Extended Charging Case

The Kress 4-port extended charging case is a robust solution for power-intensive tasks, designed to amplify the capabilities of Kress Commercial chargers. With a total of four charging ports, it can accommodate four backpack/onboard batteries concurrently, streamlining the charging process.

Feature Function Benefit

  • Enhanced Charging Capacity: Extend your Kress Commercial chargers or CyberTank's capabilities with this case, offering 4 total ports.
  • Easy to Move: Equipped with practical handles and wheels for mobility.
  • Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly pairs with Kress Commercial chargers, such as 30 A CyberPlug Charger and CyberTank.
  • Built-in protection case: To shield batteries from water, dust & heat, and to ensure they stay warm for better performance in the winter.
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Kress Commercial 4-port Extended Charging