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Kress KAC844 Commercial Charger - 60V, DC-DC, CyberLite™ Charger

Kress KAC844 Commercial Charger - 60V, DC-DC, CyberLite™ Charger

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KAC 844 Commercial Charger - 60V, DC-DC, CyberLite™ Charger

The CyberLite charger is an alternative solution for battery-to-battery charging needs. This charger rejuvenates the CyberPack in a remarkable 15 minutes, enabling relentless operation and amplifying work productivity. its intelligent design features an air-cooling fan, actively maintaining an ideal temperature throughout the charging cycle to assure peak battery performance. Crafted with the modern user in mind, the charger's integrated carry handle delivers effortless mobility, making it a cinch to transport and use wherever you need power.

Feature Function Benefit

  • Superfast DC charging: Enables CyberTank-Lite charging wherever landscapers are, ensuring up to 12-minute CyberPack charge for continuous operations.
  • Stay cool, Charge faster: Built with an integrated air cooling fan, our charger maintains the optimal temperature, safeguarding and maximizing battery performance every time you charge.
  • Easy to carry: Easily shift your charger from one place to another with the ergonomic carry handle.
  • Advanced battery management systems: optimize the performance and life of the batteries.
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  • DC charging
  • IPX5
  • Charging status and diagnostic alerts
  • Air cooling system
  • Portable design
  • Weight: 11.8 kg
  • Battery Ports: 2
  • Charging current: 30 A
  • Charging times: CyberPack 240 Wh: 12 min
  • Output voltage: 60 V
  • Kress Commercial 60 V CyberLite Charger: (1)
  • Protection cover: (1)