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When will the Luba 2 be available in Australia?

Introducing the LUBA 2 AWD Series: Next-Level Lawn Maintenance

We are excited to introduce the brand-new LUBA 2 AWD Series, a ground-breaking innovation in lawn maintenance technology is arriving in Australia from June 2024. With its unique features and advanced capabilities, this series is set to change the way homeowners and landscape professionals view lawn care.

You can now secure your very own Luba 2 by placing a pre-order and paying the $1000 deposit.

Variety of Models

The LUBA 2 AWD Series offers a range of models for different needs and budgets. From the LUBA 2 AWD 1000 to the high-capacity LUBA 2 AWD 10000, there's a model designed to suit every yard.

Unmatched Features & Specifications

One of the standout features of the LUBA 2 AWD Series is its adjustable cutting height. The Luba 2 now offers a cut height range of 25 - 70mm. This gives users the flexibility to achieve the perfect look for their lawns.

The LUBA 2 AWD Series also boasts a variety of other new and improved impressive features including multiple mowing modes, mowing schedule setting, and a feature for checking mower status. Its specifications include up to 12,000m2 max mowing size, increased multi-zone management, increased hill climbing ability up to 80% slope, 50mm vertical obstacle passing ability, wide 40cm cutting width, auto-recharge capability, strengthened positioning & navigation technology, obstacle avoidance system, voice control compatibility, vision monitoring, connectivity options now including 4G for constant tracking and app accessibility, and the all new RTK receiver with 5km range and solar powered option

Advanced Navigation & Obstacle Avoidance

The LUBA 2 AWD Series utilizes a state-of-the-art 3D Vision+RTK Fusion-mapping System. This advanced technology ensures precision navigation and obstacle avoidance, making it one of the safest and most efficient lawn mowers on the market.

Luba AI camera

Eco-Friendly & Solar-Powered

In our commitment to sustainability, the LUBA 2 AWD Series is eco-friendly. It reduces carbon emissions significantly and is very quiet in its operation, making it a perfect choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Luba solar powered

Safety & Security

The LUBA 2 AWD Series offers smart yard security features such as real-time monitoring, app notifications, tracking, ownership authentication, geofence alarm, and AirTag compatibility. This ensures your lawn mower is not only efficient but also safe and secure.

Lawn Printing Technology

A unique feature of the LUBA 2 AWD Series is its lawn printing technology. This allows users to create custom designs on their lawns, adding a touch of personalization to their outdoor spaces.

Lawn printing

Easy to Use

The LUBA 2 AWD Series is designed for easy use, with a quick start guide and various accessories included. It's compatible with the Mammotion APP and supports voice control for added convenience.

Coming soon!

The LUBA 2 AWD Series will be available for pre-order on the Robot Mowers Australia website later this year. We expect deliveries to pre order clients to begin in June 2024.

Pre-order now to have your order confirmed in the initial Australian release date so you don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your lawn maintenance routine with the LUBA 2 AWD Series.

With its improved structural engineering, unmatched navigation capabilities, and array of innovative features, the LUBA 2 AWD Series is set to redefine lawn maintenance and offer you an effortless, efficient, and eco-friendly way to care for your lawn.

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Can you let me know when the luba2 1000 is available

Kevin Falls

Seems like the LUBA 2 AWD 10000 is not available in markets like the UK, will that happen here in australia?
Will the LUBA 2 AWD 10000H version be available in australia?
Is there a rough price guide for LUBA 2 AWD 10000 or the LUBA 2 AWD 10000H version?
Apologies, for all the question we held off from purchasing the LUBA when we found out the new version can do 10000 m2 and has a higher height support.

Hugh Mann

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