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Ambrogio Robot

Ambrogio L250 Deluxe

Ambrogio L250 Deluxe

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The Ambrogio L250 Deluxe is perfect for those seeking a powerful, refined, and cutting-edge robot mower.

Its large standard touchscreen display provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The robot mower is equipped with efficient brushless motors, allowing it to climb slopes up to 45%, and is powered by a 7.5 Ah lithium-ion battery to reach a run time of 3.5 hours.

Enhanced with Bluetooth connectivity and eight numbered sections, it can manage up to 2600 of land. You can upgrade your Ambrogio L250 Deluxe with hard tires, spike wheels, and a ZCS Connect Module to improve performance with tough terrain.

Buy yours online today or contact our team to arrange a demonstration at your property.

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Additional Information

Ambrogio L250 Deluxe


  • Area Capacity: 2,600m2 (-20% Recommended)
  • Installation Type: Boundary Wire
  • Multi-Zone: 8 Zones
  • Max Allowable Slope: 45% Gradient
  • Max Consistent Slope: 35% Gradient
  • Max Edge Slope: 20% Gradient
  • Travel Speed: 35 metres per minute
  • Running Time per Charge: Up to 3.5 Hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 2 Hours
  • Battery Voltage & Capacity: 25.9V / 7.5Ah
  • Type of Battery: Lithium Ion
  • Battery Charge Method: Contact – Auto Return to Base
  • Battery Charge Rate: 5 Amp


Weights and Dimensions

Product Only Dimensions: 58cm x 50cm x 29cm

Product only Weight: 16kg

Box Weight: 29.5kg

Box Dimensions: 71cm × 65cm × 40cm


  • Robot Lawn Mower
  • User Manual
  • Fixing Nails – 20
  • Charging Station
  • 5Ah Power Supply


It's so easy to install an Ambrogio Robot! Consult the user manual and advice on the Ambrogio website.

Products are shipped within 4 days of ordering, and customers can expect arrival of the goods within 7 days of dispatch except at peak times such as Christmas. 

For further installation assistance or delivery and demonstration enquiries, please contact our team.



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