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LUBA Solar panel accessory for RTK receiver - Pre order

LUBA Solar panel accessory for RTK receiver - Pre order

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Suitable for LUBA 1 AWD Series, LUBA 2 AWD Series and YUKA Series. (For LUBA 1 AWD, it requires a simple adapter cable for compatibility. The adapter cable needs to be bought separately and will be available August 2024. )

Power Voltage: 10-12.6V
Max Operating Current: 1A
Battery Capacity: 9.2Ah
Material: Monocrystalline Silicon
Product Dimensions: 360*350mm
Rated Power: 16W

The solar power module powering the RTK Reference Station allows for its installation in any outdoor location within the yard, eliminating the need to consider power source placement and dealing with extension cords. This greatly enhances the convenience and flexibility of RTK Base Station installation.

With a single full charge, the RTK Base Station can provide continuous power for up to 14 days, ensuring stable power supply even during cloudy and rainy seasons.
Expected delivery to Australian customers in August 2024
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LUBA Solar panel accessory for RTK receiver - Pre order





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