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Ambrogio Robot

Ambrogio L60 Elite

Ambrogio L60 Elite

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The Ambrogio L60 Elite Wireless Robot Mower delivers high performance in a compact size. Designed to manage small lawns up to 200 without a perimeter wire. The wireless robot lawn mower is technology friendly, with a ZGS sensor that recognises surfaces other than the grass and avoids them.

Note the lawn needs defined edges like concrete paths, garden edging, fences, etc, for the mower to detect the edges of the lawn correctly. It may not automatically detect mulched gardens without a defined mower strip or edge.

Ambrogio Robotic Mowers are well suited to Australian grasses like Buffalo, Kikuyu and Couch with their metal blade, which will cut through the fast-growing runners of these grasses.

The 4-point star blade allows for absolute precision cutting. All this is possible thanks to the 4-wheel drive that facilitates the movement of light and manoeuvrable mower. Optimised autonomous mowing for three consecutive hours for complete and very precise cutting.

Please note the lowest cutting height of 42mm. If you have a lawn-like couch that you intend to cut very low, then this mower will not work for you.

Maximum cutting surface [m²] (-20%)*  200m2
Motor type Brushless
Lithium-Ion battery (25.9V) 1x5 Ah
Allowable slope (%) 50%
Maximum slope (%) 40%
Slope on outer edge or perimeter wire (%) -
Average working time [h](+-20%) 03:00
Charging mode Manual
Cutting width [cm] 25
Cutting height (min-max) [mm] 42-48
Robot weight - incl. batteries [kg] 8,6
Robot dimensions (lxwxh) 360x440x200 mm
Noise level [dB(A)] 65
Protection rating IPx4
User interface Keypad & LED
Control APP Bluetooth
Bluetooth receiver Yes
GPS-GSM remote control (ZCS Connect) On request
Integration with "Smart Assistant" voice assistants Included in ZCS Connect
AMICO On request
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It's so easy to install an Ambrogio Robot! Consult the user manual and advice on the Ambrogio website.