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Ambrogio Robot

Ambrogio Quad Elite 4WD

Ambrogio Quad Elite 4WD

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The all-new Ambrogio Quad Elite is the go-anywhere four-wheel driving, four-wheel steering robotic mower! Capable of covering up to 3500 and 75% slopes.

Projected into the future, the Next Line is based on the most innovative technologies to revolutionise the world of automated mowing.


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Additional Information

Ambrogio Quad Elite 4WD


  • Working area: 3500m²
  • Perimeter wire: Yes
  • Charge: Automatic
  • It can work on slopes of up to 75%
  • Equipped with 4-wheel drive
  • Compact design for surfaces with side obstacles
  • Touchscreen display
  • Radar for obstacle detection
  • Equipped with 2 batteries of 5.0Ah each


  • Robot weight - incl. batteries [kg]: 18.5
  • Robot dimensions (lxwxh): 533x533x333 mm
  • Noise level [dB(A)]: 63
  • Protection rating: IPx5


  • Ambrogio Quad Elite 4WD robot lawn mower
  • Fixing pegs (20 pcs)
  • Charging station
  • User manual


It's so easy to install an Ambrogio Robot! Consult the user manual and advice on the Ambrogio website.

Products are shipped within 4 days of ordering, and customers can expect arrival of the goods within 7 days of dispatch except at peak times such as Christmas. 

For further installation assistance or delivery and demonstration enquiries, please contact our team.


View and download the Quad Elite 4WD owner manual.


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