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Kress Commercial 60V 240Wh CyberPack™ Nano KAC800

Kress Commercial 60V 240Wh CyberPack™ Nano KAC800

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Presenting the Kress Commercial CyberPack™ Nano, a compact powerhouse delivering output energy of 240Wh at less than 1.6 kg. Ideal for lightweight tools, it strikes the perfect balance between performance and size. The integrated Bluetooth connects to the Kress Commercial app for insights, while its IPX5 protection ensures durability in any environment.

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  • High power output & lightweight: Provides a high output energy of 240 Wh, featuring the stable and consist power, longer lifespan with compact size, meeting users' lightweight tool needs.
  • Advanced battery management to optimise the performance and life of the batteries.
  • Integrated Bluetooth capability linked to the Kress Commercial app to provide you with access to in depth data on your operations.
  • IPX5 water-proof design: Ready for the toughest environments.
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Battery capacity: 4 Ah
  • Battery voltage: 60 V

1x Kress Commercial 60V 240Wh CyberPack Nano KAC800