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Kress KC200 Commercial Hedge Trimmer - 60V, 63cm/25" Blade - Tool only

Kress KC200 Commercial Hedge Trimmer - 60V, 63cm/25" Blade - Tool only

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KC200.9 Commercial Hedge Trimmer - 60V, 63cm/25" Blade - tool only

A true commercial cordless solution for landscaper use in hedge trimming. Ideal for professionals seeking a powerful, durable, and lightweight solution for extended run times on the longest hedge trimming days your landscaping crew faces. With a 3200 rpm cutting speed and laser cut & ground blades, the Kress KC200.9 hedge trimmer will slice through your hedge trimming needs. The Kress-built brushless motor provides exceptional power levels that will rival gas-powered products. With a revolutionary battery and charging system, there are no concerns about being short on power for those longest hedge rows. IPX4 waterproofing ensures the weather will not interrupt your hedge-trimming operations.

Feature Function Benefit

  • A cutting speed of 3200 rpm provides the cutting efficiency of a gas product to accomplish pruning overgrown hedges and other most challenging hedge rows.
  • The Kress 8-minute CyberSystem has fully unlocked the product potential to 10x the battery life*, 2x power output*, 8-minute charge time* & zero downtime. The wait is over, start your transition to zero-emission today. * Up to 10x battery charge/discharge cycles compared to 18650/21700 lithium-ion cells *Up to 2x maximum momentary power delivery output compared to 18650 lithium-ion cells *When charging 4 Ah or 11 Ah Kress Commercial batteries with the KAC875 charger
  • Built-in LED Control Panel displays the battery power level and available adjustable settings.
  • Kress-built brushless motors deliver more power, longer runtime, and extended lifespan than brush-type motors.
  • Ergonomic, well-balanced, and VibraShield™ technology allows for comfortable and longer periods of operation without fatigue.
  • The multi-position rear handle provides ergonomic trimming in all positions.
  • With an IPX4 waterproof rating, there are no concerns about finishing the job, even on those wet weather days when the rain just doesn't seem to stop.
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  • Weight without battery: 4.1 kg
  • Cutting speed: 2800/3200 rpm
  • Water protection index (IP code): IPX4
  • Motor type: Brushless
  • Blade Length: 63 cm

Kress 60 V 60 cm hedge trimmer KC200.9

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