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Kress KC330 Commercial 60V 25cm Pole Saw (Tool Only)

Kress KC330 Commercial 60V 25cm Pole Saw (Tool Only)

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KC330.9 Commercial Pole Saw - 60V, 25cm/10" Bar

An efficient tool for pruning and cutting overhead branches with commercial-grade power and durability. The telescopic function along with the rear handle is designed for quick cutting height adjustment. The 2-speed design allows operators to finish more efficient and smooth cuts. Its balanced design with light-weight, high efficiency gear case helps to minimize operator fatigue. The saw is water-resistant and suitable for various tough cutting tasks.

Designed for landscaping companies and municipalities seeking to integrate sustainable practices into their operations, the Kress KC330 pole saw establishes a new standard of productivity. Extending up to 4 meters, it rivals the power of professional combustion engines, ensuring no task is out of reach. Equipped with a 2-point adjustment system, it offers superior maneuverability, making precise cuts from various angles effortless. As part of the Kress Commercial CyberSystem, it delivers high-end performance with the advantage of lower operating costs compared to gas and other battery systems.

Feature Function Benefit

  • For efficient & smooth cuts: Adopting an efficient gear case with 3/8" lp Oregon exclusive chain and bar, combining 2-speed control, allows operators to tackle rough tasks in precision.
  • All-around balance: Lightweight handle with rubber grip for anti-skidding, along with the lightweight gear case, ensures the balance and safety of operation
  • Extra-long pruning: With telescopic function for quick cutting height adjustment, working with the rear handle as an impact guard to protect the battery from wear and damage.
  • Kress-built commercial-grade brushless motors provide more power, longer runtime, and extended lifespan over brush-type motors.
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  • Weight (w/o cutting equipment & battery): 5.7 kg
  • Chain speed: 17 m/s
  • Bar length: 25 cm
  • Chain type: Oregon
  • Chain pitch: 3/8''lp

Kress Commercial pole saw KC330.9