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FJ Dynamics

FJD RM21 Autonomous Mower

FJD RM21 Autonomous Mower

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Mowing Redefined for Precision and Sustainability

The FJD RM21 Robotic Mower is the perfect solution for Australian professional lawn care providers who demand efficiency and reliability.

Designed for multiple commercial and industrial Landscape scenarios including sports fields, solar farms, orchards, turf farms and large acreage properties the RM Series features an intelligent control system, electric drive, and a large-capacity battery to maximize mowing efficiency, save time, effort, and cost. 

The pure electric design eliminates oil leaks and grass damage. Autonomous charging eliminates the need for operator intervention during or after the job is complete.

Robot Mowers Australia are pleased to continue our association with FJ Dynamics Australia to be able to bring this commercial robot mower to the Australian market.

The RM21 Robot Mower Brochure can be found here

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Additional Information

FJD RM21 Autonomous Mower


Accurate and Efficient Mowing

With centimeter-level positioning accuracy, our mowers can precisely cut grass, reducing the need for overlaps or skips. This results in faster and more efficient mowing.

Automatic Mowing on Complex Terrain

The RM21 uses LiDAR tech to create a 3D cloud point map of the terrain. This allows it to safely mow in complex areas, such as under trees or around objects.

One-click Multi-field Management

The RM21 can be used to mow multiple fields in a single task. This saves time and effort, making it easier to manage your property.

Smart Path Planning

The RM21 uses built-in object avoidance to automatically plan mowing paths. This helps prevent collisions and damage, making mowing safer and easier.


Dimensions (L * W * H)L1330 * W857 * H1012 mm

  • Weight 170 kg
  • Number of Blades 1
    Cutting Height 30–127 mm
  • Max Working Area ( Per Full Charge )
    3.2 acres / 13000 ㎡ ( 4kWh)
  • Max Working Area ( Per Three Days )
    93,600 ㎡ 
  • Battery Capacity 4kWh
  • Ground Speed 0–6 km/h
  • Maximum Gradeability ≤ 20°
  • Charging Time 5h ( 20A )
  • Average Working Time5h ( 4kWh )
  • Certifications CE



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